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This 1.2m sand filled spill wall is a non-absorbent, sand-filled PVC bund designed to prevent spills from growing.


Containment barriers present effective and immediate stormwater protection in the event of a spill. A sand loaded spill barrier is produced as emergency or temporary bunding for draining or grates and can be readily transferred and reused. Sand filled spill barriers can be rapidly disposed of, forming physical barriers to:

    surround leaking drums or machinery
    protect stormwater drains
    contain spills on factory floors
    shield drains inside factories
    encircle spills from vehicles
    prevent rainwater from entering an area

Sand barriers are flexible; portable non-absorbent barriers used to contain or confine oil, fuel or chemical spills.

    Simple to use and fast to deploy and position.
    Use one or several sands filled spill barriers to confine and divert spills.
    PVC covered barriers are merely washed and reused.
    Produced from 650gsm PVC which is resistant to most oils and chemicals.
    Bright yellow outer cover provides high visibility
    Sand weight prevents the barrier from moving and helps seal the barrier against irregular concrete  or bitumen.
    Use one or more barriers overlapped (with joiner) to contain large or widely-spread spills.
    Each sand-filled spill barrier contains handles for ease of positioning.
    PVC is easily to repair if damaged.

Australian made

More massive 2.4m PVC sand filled barriers and 3m PVC sand-filled barriers are also available.

The early scenes of a spill clean up are the most critical. Global Spill Control’s containment barriers safely control, contain and prevent spills from entering stormwater or drainage systems.




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