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Secondary containment is critical to stop spills and leaks from polluting neighboring areas and clearwaterArmorThane Industrial coatings are involved in the rehabilitation and maintenance of all kinds of containment systems. These structures may be open or sealed air with surfaces of metal, geotextile materials or plastic, metal materials. 
Providing secondary spill containment for tanks, containers, waste storage, and processes areas restrict the potential for hazardous chemical releases. It also decreases the amount of time that will be waste cleaning up spills. In some examples, it can even permit the spilled product to be recovered for reuse.
Active secondary containment have protected, devices or tools that are used either reactively or proactively and need a person to position or keep them physically. Absorbents, drain covers, and retractable containment walls are cases of effective secondary containment.
When picking effective secondary containment techniques, it is vital to have definite plans in place that explain how and when these methods will be used. If proactive techniques such as placing a cover over drain fuel deliveries will be applied, including the practice into quality operating procedures. If tools and devices will be applied reactively when a spill occurs, regular drills and training will aid these practices become second life for responders.
Secondary spill containment systems are put in place to have potential spills. They do not need any person to deploy or activate them. Sloped flooring, dikes, berms, and spill-containment palates are examples of secondary spill containment.

ArmorThane Has many Polyurethane, hybrid and pure polyurea products for spraying containment booms, secondary containment pits, or building containment berms. These items dry to form and stop leak that grips any liquid spills. It has the elasticity to stop cracking with weather and ground shift.
•    Storage areas and chemical facilities
•    Gas and oil well suites
•    Trenches and sumps
•    Berms or Tank Farm Dikes
•    Petroleum storage
•    Drum storage areas
We can also offer watertight doors that can retain high height liquid forces for a deep chemical that need random maintenance access.
An option of seal materials means that we can match the right seal to the needs of fire resistance, chemical protection, and compressibility.
Unlike pre-formed liners, coating and sprayed are thinner and use less area. They make a faultless membrane that fits the shape,  even where pumps, poles, and other external or internal structures link.

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